"Eff You, I'm Awesome!" Tokens

How They Work:

Every session, each player is given 2 free session tokens. These are to be used whenever the player wants, and once used are gone for good. These cannot be “banked” for a future session.

Upon each level up, you are allotted 1 “bankable” token per level (1 token at 1st lvl, 2 at 2nd, etc.). You can keep these for as long as you want, saving them for future sessions. And again, once used these are gone for good.

What an EYIA Token does:

  • Make any failing roll a success.
  • Make any success a critical.
  • Do max damage on a roll.
  • Minimize any damage on a roll.
  • Force enemy to fail saving throw.

This concept has been taken from Deeper in the Game at Wordpress.com.

"Eff You, I'm Awesome!" Tokens

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