Strumas started when it’s namesake, Baron Strum, founded the city of Eiselmin in 1295 and declared it, and the rest of the desert, to be a safe haven for all outcasts and misfits. As the Dragonborn himself was banished from his homeland for opposing his father’s tyrannical rule, he dedicated his life to forming a place where none would have to live like he once did.

It wasn’t until Strum died of old age and Lord Jonn from the country of Camaros, which lied to the north, took over the nation, that the desert finally became part of Camaros in the year 1347.

After Lord Jonn died, Governess Lilliana began to rule the nation. Once she fell into poor health, however, the city of Eiselmin and the rest of the desert nation, started to decline. Crime went unpunished as the government began more and more to lose it’s grip on Strumas.

In the year 1414, Strumas followed suit with Duros and delcared itself a sovereign nation, separating itself from Camaros.


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