History of Camaros

1056: The nations of Kestheus and Duros meet for the first time.

1092: Kestheus and Duras start a war between the nations that last for 20 years.

1114: The war ceases, but the nations live side-by-side, but never intermingle.

1138: Camaros is declared a nation after a treaty between the Elven nation of Kestheus and the Dwarven nation of Duras, mediated by humans from the island of Balchrin. This begins what is known as the Great Peace, a 200 year span where no wars were fought and violence stayed at a minimum and is the beginning of the human occupation of Camaros.

1359: King Vesuvius Organn takes control of the Camaros nation.

1368: Lord Palpus takes control of the Dwarven nation of Duras residing in the stronghold capitol of Milturn.

1375: The heroes known as the Haphazards defeat Emperor Papel and one of it’s members, Sariel, becomes Empress of Duros, bringing the civil war between Duros and Kestheus to an end.

1390: A corrupt council member of Duros murders Donaar, a member of the Haphazards and council member under Empress Sariel, in his sleep, but is caught and apprehended, being executed soon after.

1414: Strumas secedes from Camaros, leaving Camaros to be just the two nations of Kestheus and Dothas.

1436: Kestheus attempts to take over Duros resulting in a civil war, which lasts for two years before Duros defeats the invading nation of Kestheus.

1458: A massive plague spreads through the four nations, which causes flu-like symptoms for most, but kills off all elves. Adaliah and Sariel become victims of the plague. With Sariel dead, Shiori takes up the Empire of Duros.

1470: In a period of inner turmoil in Duros, Whisper returns and takes up the Empire from Shiori.

1475: Beginning of the Campaign

History of Camaros

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