Camaros Revisited

Donaar's Log #7

All the rage

So after retrieving the gem stone for the now dead Mayor, we decided to take on the now weakened Dragonsreach bandits and clear that off our plate. We traveled for most of the day and got to the cave entrance at nightfall and sent in Mako and Vadric to scout out ahead.

After a few minutes, we heard Mako yell “It’s a bedroom!”, at which we charged in, hearing the clash of blades down the tunnel. But the bandits made a horrible judgement call: They made the tunnels too small! We had to go single file and play leap frog over each other in order to get anywhere.

Once the bedroom was clear, Mako shape-changed into a rat and squeezed into the room and squeaked seven times, notifying us that there were seven men in the room, once again bringing the wrath of the enemy on him. Cat-woman, who had transformed into a wolf, broke down the door and caught the men by surprise.

Once again, being caught in the hallway with Zeta and Nostroos, we could only look over Phedra’s shoulder and cheer on the combatants. We were, once again, presented with a closed door. When Vadric knocked, of all things, he managed to fool the bandit leader into coming in. Phedra barged in again, and almost got herself caught. Again. But she lured the guards out to the main room and they were quickly dispatched.

By this time, my lust for battle and my rage was so great that I stepped over the toppled over Vadric and Cat-woman, I whipped out a shuriken and decapitated the leader with one strike. After looting everything we could, Orion set up a hidden camp in the cave so that we could continue searching the cave. Things certainly getting interesting with this group.



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