Held together by dark energies, he is comprised of blood red crystals


Age: 95
Height: 6’3"
Weight: 200 lb.
Physical Description: Zaura is comprised of blood red crystals and can change his form as needed, usually growing spikes from his arms to impale his victims on.


He is the leader of the Hand of Khorne, the cult dedicated to bringing the world into endless chaos and bloodshed.

He has lived for almost a century and will continue to wreck havoc on the world. While he hates all those who defy the blood god, his anger is directed at Donaar most of all, because the warlord has stopped him at every turn, destroying his supply depots with hit and run tactics, leading a small group of commandos to destroy their supplies, destroyed one of the Hands main strongholds, setting back their plans by several years. Donaar has even thwarted his own assassination attempt, angering Zaura further. He will not rest until his god has control of the entire world.


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