Phedra’s preferred form of being has fiery red hair, piercing blue eyes, and lips as red as an apple. She has a perfectly even tan and a shapely, athletic body.

Phedra comes from the island of Osthello, in the town of Raven’s Perch where she grew up as the chief’s daughter and later became a leader of the ‘Great Hand of Sune’. But though her diety is the goddess of love, Phedra is skilled with the twin heirloom hunting sai that her grandmother left to her.

A few years ago, she had an arranged marriage with a man named Suval. Suval was the son of the leader of the ‘League of the New Moon’. Phedra ended the engagement when she became a co-leader of the Great Hand of Sune.

After Suval’s father passed away, Suval inherited leadership of ‘The League’ and has black listed Phedra and all of the followers of ‘The Great Hand’. (If a member of ‘The League’ comes across a member of ‘The Great Hand’ they are to challenge them to a battle and if the member of ‘The Great Hand’ loses the member of ‘The League’ has orders to finish them off even if they surrendered.)

Phedra is currently an ambassador for ‘The Great Hand of Sune’ in the Imperial City.


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