Donaar, or the Gespenst, is known for flowing through the battle unscathed, like a phantom


His midnight black scales shimmer in the moonlight, his golden eyes piercing through to the core. Donaar doesn’t believe in using shields, that if you constantly attack, giving them no opening, you have no need for a shield. A renowned greatsword user, his blade is keen and unstoppable.


Donaar had grown up as a commoner in the kingdom of Tymanther and quickly learned he had an affinity for heavy blades. He practiced on his own with an over-sized stick, learning from peaking over the castle walls from the rooftops of the city as the knights trained. As soon as he was able, he joined the military and quickly rose through the ranks with his tactical prowess and cunning, becoming a Warlord in just over 5 years and was accepted to the prestigious group of the Knights of Sidonia. He then met a young dragonborn named Ravasys and was immediately taken with her sultry voice and her slender body. But it was not to be. She was of the noble house of Wyrmscale and he was only a commoner. One day on a march to reinforce another Warlord, he was betrayed by his best friend, Otiros, and had his command destroyed. Donaar then exiled himself, searching for himself, that maybe travelling would give him a new sense of purpose and pride, as well as a way to be with Ravasys. He had come to Camaros to make a new name for himself, that the new start would be enough to grant him favor. He now sits in the Golden Chalice in the Imperial City, meeting with a group of adventurers. This was going to be an interesting time.


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