Milturn was founded several hundred years ago by some of the first Dwarves to inhabit Camaros. Built into the side of a mountain, is is almost impenetrable by any enemy.

The Sindrissen family ruled Milturn and all of Duros for most of Duros’s existence. Then, after the murder of King Keshel Sindrissen, Emperor Papel took over and thus began the rise of an empire. Emperor Papel controlled the masses by painting the rest of the world to be monsters, giving him reason to begin his invasion on the rest of Camaros. People followed blindly, scared that the nation of Kestheus would just as soon do the same to them.

Then, the heroes known as the Haphazards rose up an army and crushed the Empire. One of the heroes, an elven witch named Sariel, anointed herself as Empress and ruled during some of the roughest years in Duros’s history, after Kestheus attempted to take over, but was defeated by Sariel’s army. She ruled until she passed from the Elven Plague in 1458.

After Sariel’s death, another member of the Haphazards and council member of Duros, a half-elf named Shiori, became the next Emperor and ruled for 12 years until he passed from old age, passing on the Empire to another of the group, a shade who had dissapeared for 90 years named Whisper.


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