Zeta is a half-orc who up until recently was forced to be a gladiator.


Zeta is very quiet but intimidating. But even though she is intimidating, she doesn’t fight without good cause. She would rather help someone than hurt them.
She wears black armor that shines deep purple in the light. She carries a short sword that has been passed down maternally for generations, and a whip that she retrieved from the gladiator arena’s pit master. She is covered in scars from years of fighting in the arena, and has a cultural tattoo on her face.


Zeta was taken from her family and forced to fight in the gladiator’s arena. Her daughter was taken away from her as collateral by the Delacroix family, who also were the ones to make her fight for their enjoyment and gain. She was told once she won a certain amount of fights, she would have her freedom and could leave to find her daughter, who had been passed on to another family. Now that she has gained her freedom, her main priority is to find her daughter. But she plans to help as many unfortunate as possible on her journey, so no one will feel the hopelessness she felt.


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