Camaros Revisited

Squintch's Journal #5

True Durosians Attack Kestheus

So there we were, awaken frum our slumber that one frostee Xanyae mornin’ by tha sounds uv peeple screemin’. Not exactly a lotta fun.

After tha heroes scrambled ta get there gear on an’ rush outside, they were confronted with a group of dwarves, who call themselves the True Durisians, runnin’ through town an’ throwin’ Molotov cocktails through shop windows.

Zeta, bein’ the brave badass warrior she is, commanded them ta stop. Unfortunatlee they didn’t very well like that much. Callin’ her a filthy savage was the least of the insults. So then before she could do much, Mako took her aside, explaining who exactly the True Durisians are.

Puttin’ himself in tha open was probably not Mako’s best idea. See, his dad usedta be the leader of Milturn, the capital of Duros. This meant they didn’t much care for for Mako. Tha leeder, a man called Solivan Oakenshield, recognized him an’ ordered his men ta kill Mako and tha rest of us.

Thus ensued one uv tha bloodiest battles I’ve seen. I almost thought tha heroes were gonna die! Thankfully they didn’t, and took down Solivan. With Solivan’s last breath, he vowed more would return to kill Mako. Tha two remainin’ dwarves grabbed his body an’ made off, but tha heroes turned there attention to tha city.

Peeple began ta emerge frum there houses an’ make there way ta tha heroes. One woman asked who they were, since they’d just saved tha town an’ all.

Vadric stepped forth and announced “We are the Guardians of Albasar!” Peeple cheered, throo celebrations that night and generallee reveered tha heroes, or shall I say “Guardians”.



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