Camaros Revisited

Squintch's Journal #4

Bounty Huntin'

Afta tha whole savin’ Ilo thing, Vadric, Mako, Stratnos, and Zanne left tha partee to take care of sum bisness. So Phedra, Zeta, Noostros, and Donaar decided it wood be a good time ta join tha Northern Fighters, since gettin’ revenge against tha Dragonsreach Bandits (tha bandits who attacked them at tha mannor) wood hafta wait ’til tha others got back.

So off they went, headin’ to the Northern Fighters main house, just off tha road leading west from tha Imperial City. On there way there, assassins confrunted tha heroes! Claiming to have been sent by the House of Delacroix, they demanded we give Zeta up ta them. Decidin’ ta do exactlee tha opposite of that, tha heroes attacked! (I kinda just waited for them ta kill one another, as I’m not much of a fighter meself)

While tha assassins got sum good hits in, tha heroes sent them away crying, with a message ta leave them alone “or else”.

Continuing on, they finallee got ta the main house. Headin’ on in, they met with Crandor, the leader of the Northern Fighters. He told em that they wood hafta complete three bounties, prooving themselfs worthy to both the Fighters and the nation of Kestheus.

Grabbin’ tha first bounty available, they were sent off ta tha Imperial City, in search of a half-elf named Yali whod been skippin’ out on his fines.

Gettin’ ta the Golden Chalice, they met with Jondaar, a dragonborn with a love of cards. Winnin’ a hand against him, Jondaar gave up tha information on Yali. Afta findin’ Yali, the heroes took him to tha guard station (but not before he tried to run away, which got him taken down by Zeta). Gettin’ there reward, tha heroes decided ta call it a night and get a room in tha Chalice before goin’ back ta the Fighters main house.



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