Camaros Revisited

Squintch's Journal #3

Killin' Some Bandits

So after tha heroes demolishd tha bandits raidin’ party, they took the armor from the bandits to use as disguyses. Phedra then used her changeleeng power to disguys herself as one of the too captains, with the other captain in custudee.

They then got on there horses an’ marched to tha bandit camp. Bein’ disguysed, they were able to walk on throo! The party went streight for the leeder’s tent to confrunt her, but Vadric decided to poison the food at the mess hall, since breakfast was about ta start.

Getting into tha tent was eezy, and tha heroes surpisingly convinced Wren, the leeder, to stop messin’ with us Gobbies and try to find the heroes who attacked the raiding party, because she didn’t know it was them!

Now, all was good, until the leeder decided to go get breakfast. She then found her peeple dying all over camp because of the poison! It was eezy for her to realize who the heroes were and commanded the remayning bandits ta kill them.

After a bloody battle, Wren surendered an’ vowed ta give up tha life of banditry. Everything ended well, and tha heroes left for Ilo to give Chief Gruff tha good news.



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