Camaros Revisited

Squintch's Journal #2

Helpin' Ilo

Hey, jernal, it’s Squintch again,

So, I don’ have a hole lotta time to rite at thu momen’, as we r kinda in thu middl of sumthin, but this just needs t’ be told:

Kay, so their we were. The heroes an I were hangin out in thu Goldn Chalice. Durin thu weak thay came an went, wanderin’ aroun’ thu city. Seein’ as the Chalice is one a thu onlee places my peepl r wellcum in the Umperial City, I chose ta stay there.

Then, once evereeone was good an ready, though unfortoonatelee my friend Nostroos had other stuff to attend to, they met up back in the dining area of the Goldn Chalice. While grouping up, we met too more adventurers, named Donaar and Zanne. The first was a guy dragonborn warlord, and the secun’ was a lady half-elf cleric. Seein’ as they didn’t ’ave much else to do, they decided to join us.

Finally decidin’ ta help me save Ilo before gettin’ reevenge upon there wrongdoers, I took them to my village. When we got there, Cheef Grumm told ‘em more about the attacks, letting them know they come once a week on Lovis ta get monee, and if we don’ have it, they start destroyin’ our propertee.

As we had three days til the next attack, the heroes decided to spring a trap! They would nab the bandits comin’ inta town and disgeyes ‘emselves as the bandits ta get inta the camp ithout hassle, thinkin’ that if they kill the leeder, evereeone will scramble. Settin’ up swing traps and fake floors on tha path inta Ilo, the heroes worked on what was a serprisinglee hot day for the month of Rao.

Afta three days, tha time had come! Zeta took leed, with Donaar right beeside her, geyeding our small village to there pozitions. I stood with the chief in the center of town next ta tha chest we put the bandits’ ransam in every week. Severel goblins hid in tha trees ready ta spring the swing traps, and others in the bushes to set off tha false floors on the path.

The heroes readied themselves outta sight while the remainin’ of the goblins walked aroun’ town to act like all wuz well. When the group a bandits came, they were twelve strong, with too captains leeding them on horseback, hangin’ out towards the end of the group.

When tha captains passed the swing traps, Vadric commanded them ta releese them, which knocked them offa there horses. Two other goblins on tha roofs hopped onta tha horses to not let them escape and corralled them at tha other enda town.

Then, the false floors were set off, takin’ about five bandits with ‘em. With only five grunts left and the two captains knocked down, the adventurers headed inta action! Vadric surprise attacked one of the captains, crushin’ him while he was alreadee down. Donaar took out three bandits with one blow of his fiary breath.

Zeta and Phedra went to take out the other captain and beat her while she was down. T’was a specticle to beehold. In no time, tha heroes had all but tha ladee captain down. Then serprisinglee she begged for her life. Donaar intimidated her inta helpin’ us get inta there camp.

An’ that breengs us ta now. We are takin’ a short rest an’ I’m charged with watchin’ tha ladee captain. Sheez kinda borin’ so I decided ta rite this.

Ew, I think she nows I rote that about her cuz she spit on me.



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