Camaros Revisited

Squintch's Journal #1

How the Heroes Met

Not many of you know how the heroes started out, but that’s what I’m here for. By order of the king, I’ve been tasked with making a record…You know, for historical reasons. Which is kinda nice, since I kept a journal back then. Now, when the heroes first started out, if you want to call them that, they definitely were not the epic warriors legend reveres them as today.

Also, bear with me, my hand writing back then was not the greatest, any journal after this might be a little hard to read.

Unfortunately, I don’t know exactly how they met, as I wasn’t in the picture quite yet, but I have this on good account (mind you, this is what Noostrom told me while hiking across the country.)

Okay, here goes, word for word what Noostrom told me:

“T’was a dark and stormy night whence we first met. Lord Remington, a rich noble who sponsored gladiators in the arena, was throwing a party for Zeta, who had just become the champion gladiator of the arena. Zeta, Mako, Stratnos, Phedra, Vadric, and I all met during the party.

All was going fine until a horde of bandits came crashing through the mansion’s windows! Instantly killing several nobles, the bandits, led by a man called Gareth, ordered the remaining people to give them their money and valuables.

Then, the lot of us came together in arms and fought back! In an extremely bloody battle, Gareth realized the might of us together was too much to handle and escaped in a puff of smoke, but not before shooting Lord Remington.

With the bandits gone, Zeta went to aid the dying Lord Remington. In his final breath, he told her that he had bought her freedom from her master, Lord DelaCroix."

After that, the heroes made their way to the Golden Chalice, the Imperial City’s best tavern. And that’s where they met me, Squintch. I’ll admit, it wasn’t under the best circumstances. I had come running into the city in search of great adventurers to save my village from these terrible bandits, called the New Darkstriders.

Then they decided to call it a night and head upstairs to their rooms in the tavern.



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